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Dear Customer,


Our business is unlike the others that you have dealt with before. The difference between my competitors and our business is that we strive to keep the cost of repairing your machines as low as possible. Typical machine manufacturers will push the sale of new parts instead of repairing your parts. Also, we strive to keep customer satisfaction and quality of work standards high. The way we do this is through these facts below:

  • Keeping a lower labor rate

  • In-house machine shop

  • Repairing damaged machine parts back to original condition

  • Making new parts with the same material composition as manufacturer

  • If new parts are necessary, the cost of parts made by us can be up to 50% less than the same part bought by the manufacturer. I always compare prices of manufacturer machine parts versus my cost to make that part so I can give you the best parts price available.

  • I can cut down long lead times on machine parts that manufacturers don't stock anymore but can get made through their vendors.

  • Ability to convert machine parts that are obsolete into a workable solution to get your machine up and running again. I have experience with pneumatic, mechanical, and some electrical products.


So please try us out and let us use our 37 years of experience in reparing and rebuilding your woodworking equipment.



Kenneth Burkhart

Why should you choose us?

Company's Vision

  • Strive to achieve excellence in customer relationships

  • Operate our business in a way that reflects our Christian heritage and highest ethical and moral principles of business

  • To provide job and project management at a reasonable cost to you

  • With my experience, I can use the most qualified vendor to meet your needs.

  • To provide a a high quality product that you can depend on

  • Satisfaction guaranteed

  • To provide a business relationship that is based on honesty and trust

Mission Statement



  • Do you have any equipment that just doesn't perform like it should?

  • Do you have equipment that just doesn't meet the customer's quality needs?

  • Does your equipment that you want to sell need rebuilding and you don't have the resources to get it done?

  • Are you concerned about reducing machine set-up time and the machine that you are trying to work with doesn't meet your needs?




I have been in the machine rebuilding and machine modifying business for 29 years. I have the experience it takes to solve the problems that you might have. I have many years of experience in the woodworking business and know your production issues and the problems that you have.


I would be glad to sit down with you and discuss the machine and equipment issues you're concerned about.


There would be no obligation expected of you, if we were to meet and discuss your needs. I don't believe in pressuring anyone to do something. If I can help you and don't get your business. I wouldn't be offended.


My goal is to be of service to whoever wants to strive to improve their business, so as we work together we can make your business lean, mean, efficient, and profitable.



Kenneth Burkhart

Dear Operations Manager,